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New School 
27th-Sep-2012 11:58 pm - I'm on tumblr now.
So yeah.. check me out here for more stuff

8th-May-2012 12:33 pm(no subject)

Just for fun I made a little gif...
27th-Apr-2012 09:02 pm - Boom

Here's a nit of an art dump of various things.
Also if you're looking for more regular updates I'm using alot to post stuff as I work on it.
14th-Mar-2012 09:11 pm(no subject)

Finished this one up. Playing a bit of Arkham City helped me with this. Mark Hamill is the fecking joker.
13th-Mar-2012 10:55 pm(no subject)

Crappy photo wip.
12th-Mar-2012 12:29 pm(no subject)

The Excellent Warren Ellis just posted this thing I took way too long to do for him. Let's face it if your checking out my block you don't need an introduction to the man. Just go read his books.
15th-Feb-2012 11:13 pm - Creed of the sword.

Hopefully the first of the character archetype illustrations for the sins rpg. I'm going for a modern tribal look. The game is a post apocalyptic horror game. So I was thinking about how contemporary family is more defined by shared interests. How religion and subculture tend to be what draws us together and with the end of the world it would be these unique groups with strong bonds that would survive together. So for this piece I liked the idea of mad max style tribal-punk mixed with a slight americana/rockabilly look. In the wastelands of the future you may not be able to live the american dream, but you can dress to feel like you belong and have family. Even if they're not kin.

I dunno may be I over think things sometimes..
14th-Feb-2012 12:37 pm - Sup?

Just working on a joker commission, hopefully I can get the background finished.
9th-Feb-2012 07:00 pm - Back in black
first up for anyone waiting on an order of my comics that backlogue has been cleared and the last were sent out friday. I'm sorry for those of you who had to wait so long but I have added extra freebies to everyones orders. Anyway in other me related news (you know besides not being dead or in jail) I've just started working on illustrating a roleplaying book due out this year. A couple of friends of mine are writing a pretty awesome game based on zombies and god powers. Sins is gonna be big. Also I've been working on some commissions for a few good people. This and the fact I'm colouring a book for the talented naniiebim has been eating my time like crazy. Which is pretty cool since I've been saving pennies and now I get to go to Japan this year.... two weeks after I get back from Paris (I'll be sellig at the Japan Expo in paris again this year). So if anyone has some good suggestions for things to do in Japan then hit me up. Also in random news I did some work for the Phoenix comic today! Well ok not really, I made them a rubber stamp at work... Still a guy can dream... Here's some random fun doodles, the first up is Herald Owlett all naruto'd up. and a taking the mick pic of lou whilst i was trying out some stylistic changes These are from a comic idea I had a while back which I'm still noodling with, though it's on the back burner. The reason it's on the back burner is cause of this... The first page in a one off comic I'm working on. I'm reviving some old characters and having great fun with them. That's not to say the second issue of Tuk Tuk isn't on it's way, just that i want to produce a fun stand alone as a pallet cleanser. plus i realize it's been ages since I last posted and some of you lovely folks don't know that Tuk Tuk issue one is in print if you're interested in owning a copy then tap me at it's good to be back...
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